As a leader, you want your workplace and those in it to be safe. Yet hanging over everyone’s head is the financial, legal, brand and, importantly, the moral and personal impacts that can result from an unsafe workplace.

As a leader, you are faced with the possibility of:

  • People being hurt on your watch
  • Pain and suffering of the worker and their families
  • Financial costs of not getting safety right, including rising premiums
  • Potential damage to your brand, company and personal reputation
  • Unfavourable scorecard statistics around Lost Time Injury (LTI) or Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)
  • The legal repercussions and your personal liability

It’s no coincidence that organisations who invest in safety leadership and training are the companies that reduce their costs.

Given all your accountabilities, how confident are you that safety gets the attention required to reduce risk before someone gets hurt?

If an incident occurs in your workplace, it is accepted that a strong defence can be built on two key questions to determine if you, the leader, have undertaken adequate due diligence.

You will be asked to demonstrate what you have done personally to keep your workplace safe, and your team will be asked what you have done.

You must also be able to demonstrate that you did and continue to confront the risk, ensure compliance and instil safe daily work practices.

These are the challenges that Safety Dimensions supports our clients to meet, through our award-winning training and development programs.
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