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WorkLife: Why is work making us sick? (Audio)

WorkLife: Why is work making us sick? (Audio) Worker compensation claims have been decreasing over time but this masks all kinds of problems with our wellbeing at work. Making our workplaces healthier and safer means we have to confront all those things causing us stress at work. And that’s not going to be solved by […]

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Geelong builder fined for bullying teen apprentice

A Geelong builder who repeatedly bullied his teenage apprentice over a two-year period was last week convicted and fined $12,500 in the Geelong Magistrates’ Court. Wayne Allan Dennert, of Bell Post Hill, pleaded guilty to one rolled-up charge under the 2004 OHS Act of failing to provide a safe system of work and the necessary […]

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Shifting Gears For Workplace Wellbeing – Mark Haley Interview

Shifting Gears For Workplace Wellbeing In Conversation With Mark Haley, National Organisational Development Manager at Border Express In the first of our series of client profiles, Janet McCulloch, Managing Partner of Leadership Dimensions, chats with Mark Haley about learning and development, change and managing mental health in the high pressure transport industry. Mark, tell me, […]

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Grow The Mental Health Peer Workforce – Apply Now

Thirty ‘Champions’ to be selected to help grow the mental health peer workforce – National Mental Health Commission The National Mental Health Commission is supporting a new initiative that will help grow the mental health peer workforce in Australia and is calling for trainers who have a lived experience of mental illness from the perspective […]

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Dealing With Stress Programs

Dealing With Stress Programs Stress comes in many forms, sometimes positive and useful for peak performance and sometimes counterproductive when built up over a period of time. Stress shows up as higher absenteeism, higher workcover claims, poor performance, bullying behavior, harassment, and a negative toxic culture. Whilst most companies have preventative safety programs, they fail […]

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Many may end their own lives due to work

An estimated 3,800 people who took their own lives in Australia in the decade to 2011 may have done so due to work, says a new Work and Suicide Prevention Position Statement from Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA). Adults spend about a third of their waking hours at work. The workplace provides a unique opportunity to […]

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