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Corporate manslaughter: what is it and could it bring justice for Grenfell Tower victims?

NOTE: This article is written from a UK perspective, and in Australia there is currently no provision for companies to be found guilty of corporate manslaughter. However we think this article brings up points of great interest to our readers. Ioannis Glinavos, University of Westminster     The disaster at Grenfell Tower has been described […]

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Good Work Through Effective Leadership (Video)

Good Work Through Effective Leadership (Video) This Safe Work Australia film features three different perspectives on how workplace leaders can design good work and influence their safety culture, not only in their own business, but across their supply chain and the broader community. This seminar features three business leaders from Australian Country Choice, Lend Lease […]

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WorkLife: Why is work making us sick? (Audio)

WorkLife: Why is work making us sick? (Audio) Worker compensation claims have been decreasing over time but this masks all kinds of problems with our wellbeing at work. Making our workplaces healthier and safer means we have to confront all those things causing us stress at work. And that’s not going to be solved by […]

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Summary of Work-Related Traumatic Injury Fatalities

Work-related Traumatic Injury Fatalities – 2015 The aim of the Safe Work Australia report is to provide statistics about people who die each year from injuries that arose through work-related activity. This includes fatalities resulting from an injury sustained in the course of a work activity (worker fatalities) and as a result of someone else’s […]

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Geelong builder fined for bullying teen apprentice

A Geelong builder who repeatedly bullied his teenage apprentice over a two-year period was last week convicted and fined $12,500 in the Geelong Magistrates’ Court. Wayne Allan Dennert, of Bell Post Hill, pleaded guilty to one rolled-up charge under the 2004 OHS Act of failing to provide a safe system of work and the necessary […]

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Time To Stand Up – Hazards of Sedentary Work

Time To Stand Up – Hazards of Sedentary Work A new report from Safe Work Australia has highlighted the hazards of sedentary work. Overall exposure to sedentary behaviour (especially prolonged, unbroken sitting time) is associated with a range of poor health outcomes, including musculoskeletal problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, some cancers and premature mortality. The […]

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